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Hello everyone,

As I'm planning on buying a greenhouse I'd just like to make sure the location is good and if there are any things I should consider when buying a greenhouse.

First of all the location, on the location where I'd put the greenhouse it would in the summer get light as soon as the sun comes up until about 4 pm, after 4 pm the greenhouse would be in dappled shade for 1 to 2 hours before it doesn't get any sunlight at all. I presume this would be enough light for Sarracenia, vft, and a couple of drosera?

Secondly the greenhouse itself, what requirements are there? By this I mean if there should be a minimum amount of vents in the greenhouse or anything like that.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks, Rory

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It depends on what greenhouse as regards vents. Mine is 6 x 10 ft and I have 2 auto roof vents and 2 auto side vents

And in the day I leave the door open and close at night to stop them snails. And I grow all that is in my grow list.

I would say what I have got in vents is adequate, make arrangements to have electricity installed.

And last thing when you are erecting make sure you have very good seal greenhouse to ground stop the rain getting in

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get as big as you can afford and accomadate .mine runs north to south (ie long sides face east and west)so no long side gets the noon day*hottest sun



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Thanks for all of the advice everyone! I really appreciate it!

I'm not sure what brand I want but with all of the information as what is useful I can start looking around which ones are suitable. Are there any brands that any of you would recommend? I had a look at a few Robinsons as some people recommended these but they were quite expensive and I would prefer something slightly cheaper. Of course the brands might be slightly different here in the Netherlands compared to the UK.

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I have a Elite greenhouse Halls are OK as well but it all depends on how much money you have to spend.

Think about the glass toughen or horticulture or polycarbonate also go for high eaves

My greenhouse 10x6 cost about £1100 two auto roof and 2 auto side vents mine was toughened glass

And I had 10ft Ali shelf I think they might be a bit cheaper now.

You can pick up second hand greenhouses pretty cheap as you have to dismantle them were you buy them

And rebuild at home.... Good luck

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My biggest tips, regardless of what brand you go for are:

Build a sturdy base that you can bolt the frame down to. Believe it or not, the wind WILL move the frame if not secured. Maybe not blow it over, but it will cause it to 'creep' slowly, distorting the frame and putting pressure on the glass.

Allow plenty of time for its construction. You will be eager to throw it together, slow down! Read the instruction carefully, make sure you understand them and check each piece is assembled correctly. If you don't, the fit won't be good and you will end up with gaps in the frame.

Take your time getting it square. Measure it carefully . If it's not square you may have issues getting the glass pains in.

WEAR GLOVES when putting in the glass and don't do it on your own!

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Once again thank for all of the advice.

Thanks to all of the comments I have decided which greenhouse to buy.

It's a Janssens Helios Victorian 236 x 310cm, a dutch brand.

I chose this one as it has high eaves, should be very sturdy, has a good amount of vents, is the maximum size I can accomodate and it looked nicer than most of the greenhouses I saw for a similar price.

Once I have it in a couple of weeks and put it together with some help of others I'll post some pictures of it with my plants.



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