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I have yet another infestation of spider mites on my carnivorous plants...seems the war between me and them will never end. Anyway, I found out about this miticide called Avid, seems many people like it a lot. I want to try it, but I can't find it in my country or any european websites that have it. I've found it on the flytrap store for like 20 $ but only on the american one, the international flytrap store does not have it. Anyone know any EU store that delivers to EU countries? Or an UK store, my sister is there and she'll come visit me in about 2 weeks, so she can order there and bring it to me. A small bottle for like 20-40 Euros is all I want, can't afford anything bigger than that atm. Thank you for your help :)

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Hi ,i have just done a quick search and it is listed on Ebay and Amazon,also there are some gardening webshops which have it listed :)

can you link those gardening webshops? on amazonuk there is none and on ebay a bottle is like over 100 $. Thank you for the help

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