Nepenthes Ventricosa In a bad way


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And the new shoots appearing at the base of the main stem are called basals.

Leave them alone if you want a bushier plant with a lot more pitchers.

Sometimes basal growth can take a lot of the plants energy which can cause the main vine to slow down a little.

Basal growth can happen if the plant is happy and thriving, or it could also be triggered as a survival mechanism if the main vine isn't happy.

Without photos, we can't offer proper advice really.

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It doesn't look unhealthy, I can see a pitcher forming on one of the upper leaves. Ventricosa is normally an easy plant to grow but in low light it will stop producing pitchers. The basal's look like they are showing immature pitchers as well. If you are not happy with the vine then you can cut it back and let the basal's take over. You should have a good crop of pitchers then.

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Did you keep it in that greenhouse during Winter? Just thinking it may have been a bit on the cold side if so, I've had plants develop redness like that when they've got too cold before.

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