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You don't need to cut your flowers ....


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It's a false vivipary and once the plant or plants are growing on the stalk sprout roots you can pot them up. I do this all the time and it is an ideal way of getting plants that are identical to the parent plant.


Some years you get the odd one on a plant but other years so many on separate plants it is hard to keep up with them.


This year they are shooting up everywhere so I guess weather is a factor. I have noticed that they occur in mild years and extremely cold years.

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The weather probably is a deciding factor. Normally I cut off all the flower stalks from my VFT and I always put the stalks in the pot. Many of them though not all of them throw up new plants this way.

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In my experience, an additional treatment with hormone substances (rhizopan, clonex) on cutted VFT flower stems does not have any further positive effect on making them root. 

Cut them at an early stage (approx. 3 cm) and just put them into chopped sphagnum. Success rate under my conditions (ordinary GH in Southern Germany with no additional illumination) depends on the clone, mostly between 60 - 90 %.

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