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It's been a while since I last posted here! The last couple of years has been very busy with university, fieldwork, and travelling around various parts of Europe, with much time spent away from home. While I found time to tend to and tidy the hardy plants in the greenhouse from time to time, as a result my indoor collection, which I was very proud of, has shrunk considerably due to neglect and pests. I am looking to build it up again to some extent, especially with Drosera and Utricularia (I can't believe I lost my prized flowering specimens of U. quelchii and praetermissa - there was some sort of isopod arthropod in the moss which ate at the stolons and the damage was done before I noticed! :( )


However, the run of nice weather recently has left things looking very nice in the greenhouse!


Plenty of growth on the sarras!



This is my tallest Sarra *so far* this year - but it may be beaten by an x alava. It's S. flava rugellii MK F143 'Tall clone'. Great robust pitcher, 96 cm tall, with a huge lid and lovely throat!




Gorgeous tall flava ornatas




This promising-looking rubricorpora seedling has been lurking unnoticed in a corner for goodness know show long until I found it and was delighted with its colour!




Orange flowers of Brook's Hybrid:




One of my favourites, MK H26 - flava x alata, just opened. This should go deep crimson all over later in the season.




I love the small sweet red flowers of rubras en masse - in front is jonesii, left is wherryi yellow flower, back is alabamensis




And wherryi 'Chatom Giant':



Leucos are starting to pop open too:




My first ever Darlingtonia flowers! they're lovely, and remind me of Fritillary lilies.




The whole Darly plant - ridiculous numbers of stolons being produced, not that I'm complaining!




More to come!!

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I only have a few typical Dionaea, but they are doing great. Somehow only having a couple of plants makes me really love them!



My Cephalotus doesn't have as large pitchers as it did a few years ago, but it has spread with many more growth points. More pitchers are now being grown, plus 5 flower stalks (which I cut off all but 1).




The only Nepenthes that is looking good for me at the moment is, unbelieveably, a windowsill-grown seed-grown specimen of N. robcantleyi QoH x KoS - it used to grow very slow, but has sped up recently, and each pitcher is better and better, the most recent being 10cm high!




Pinguicula agnata which has thrived through many a long drought yet flowers like its in paradise!




P. vulgaris:




My Drosera regia is recovering after a horrible prolonged aphid infestation last year, but is building in size nicely this year. I am making sure it is well fed!





My set of writhing tentacles that is D. filiformis: this plant is many years old and has never been divided.





The next three Drosera were recieved only 3 weeks ago from Tobias Kulig - lovely well grown plants which have continued on like they were never posted!


D. graomogolensis is so beautiful, fast growing and I love it!




D. slackii is also beautiful and each leaf is bigger and bigger!




D. hamiltonii is a bit slower growing, but dewing up nicely and will look lovely when it has made a few more leaves.




The natives pot - A very large and vigorous D. x obovata with D. rotundifolia (and a naughty D. filiformis seedling in the back that needs transplanted!




One of my many D. binata - but this one stays small and delicate and will look great hanging up.




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