And so the damage continues.......

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Not long ago I was whining about a tortrix moth eating my first goldie pitcher.....

Now I'm back to whine again!...

So mon morning I got up for work around 4-30am, just happened to look in the garden to see a couple of my plants had been knocked over and come out of there pots.

On further investigation I found a ' stray ' football in the garden so assumed the neighbours boy had kicked it over, landing on my plants and causing the disarray.

Slightly peeved but relieved there was not any real harm done I chucked the ball back, repotted the plants and toddled off to work thinking no more of it.

So, Tuesday morning, up for work at 4-30am again, glance out of the window and.........

Greeted with this





Suffice to say I was seriously pi**ed off, plants have been mutilated this time, flower buds and pitchers snapped, several pots of seed grown vft's strewn all over the place, labels all out of the pots and now have no idea what's what on the affected plants..

Obviously had to do my best in ' repairing ' the damage before leaving for work which I could of done without at 4-30 in the morning !.

NO football this time so have to assume I was wrong in my first assumption, I think the ball was just coincidence previously.

I also found a a brand new plastic ball my son had just bought was punctured so can only assume it has to be a fox.

Proper gutted

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Sorry about that, several years ago I had a raccoon do the same to my collection. It ripped up the pitchers for the bugs and found worms in the soil. Animal control lent a live trap and I was able to relocate the beast. Hope you find a solution, Jack

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That's pretty serious damage, hope you can salvage the plants from it. A pair of blackbirds have been digging up pots of droseras in my garden, my established plants were okay though. Nowhere near as bad as what you've suffered, but I feel you pain.

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Sorry to hear of you problems, that's pretty bad luck, so your garden is open to the elements

It looks more like vandalism could you see any foot prints animal or human

I will stick with my poor snail don't want anything like that to happen

I keep thinking maybe I should put a lock On greenhouse will give it more thought

Sorry again

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Blocky, i feel for you man, i'd have cried, And phoned in sick ! :sad:

The thing is, they'll survive yet another repotting, even the damaged ones will probably pull through, but the most annoying part is the mixed up labels  :ireful3:

My money's on it being foxes, yootoob videos of foxes playin at night and you'll see they get up to all kinds of antics. They especially like trampolines :biggrin:

Time to nag the missus for a greenhouse mate :wink:

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Very sorry to see all that damage Blocky, hope the plants will be OK and you can figure out the labelling dilemma.  In the mean time get yourself an IP camera setup in the garden, we just got one of these to keep an eye on a nocturnal rodent visitor who keeps coming to have a look at our chickens.  Now we can watch the little b***er skipping round the traps and bait stations and digging holes every night.  Running out of options now...  :hunter: .


Here's the model we got uCam247 1080p bit pricey but there's plenty of other options out there.


Good luck

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Cheers for the support guys

I was pretty upset but I'm pulling through , ha!.

I'm confident the plants will recover but yeah Welshy, it's the mixed up labels that's gonna take a bit more sorting.

The vft seedlings are beyond rescue clone wise , there were too many and I'll never be able to identify what's what.

I'm hoping I'll be able to tell via the spilt labels what Sara's what once the pitchers have matured a bit more.

I've made another ' temporary ' shelter today, not pretty but I'm away for a week soon and I can't afford to assume this won't reoccur.

I have set up a cam Corder Gaz but it it doesn't pick anything up at night unfortunately, I get footage as the daylight appears but nothing seen so far. I'm going to consider something like you have though.

Thankfully my more precious plants were safely shut away, I had been considering leaving the doors open now the weather has improved but that WONT be happening now....

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As for a greenhouse Welshy, I'd love one but due to our odd shaped small garden it'd have to be a handmade jobby.

I'd want it to look decent too so not sure I'd want to tackle it. Getting someone in would be costly and we've only got a 3 yr plan with this place, it'll be top of the list though on next gaff....

This is how they'll have to remain until I'm back from hols and I get some free time.



P.s night time vigils have been unsuccessful and I don't think we've had any return visits for a few nights, not that I'll be letting my guard down !

Cheers blocky

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It's a nice setup you've got there, even without a greenhouse.

The IP camera has IR so you get decent black and white recordings of any night time movement detected but, even with your camcorder you might be able to see something if you install a good security light on a PIR (assuming you don't already have one). It'd be a lot cheaper and easier to setup so it might be worth a try although I don’t know anything about camcorders so couldn’t guarantee it would work.

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Cheers Gaz

Slowly getting there but each season brings a new surprise !.

I want a cam like you posted, that really looks the nuts.

My camcorder has a ' nightshot' function but can't reach the plants from the house, it's only really good for ' Blair witch renditions '.

I thought about a pir but they wind me up when I'm in the garden come dusk and they flick on and off at every movement.

My mum said the foxes around her way have all got Cubs and are being a bit more boisterous/ destructive than usual at the moment.

Probably what went on at mine, I can't imagine adult foxes being very interested in chewing off flower buds .

No signs of a return still thankfully.

Much as I like foxes they can stay the fu~~ away from my garden thank you very much.

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I had a similar situation. I had flowers on my balcony, and the raccoons that had taken up residence in the attic at night had knocked over all my flower pots. So I didn't know they were in my house, as they sleep during the day. I didn't even try to find out where they came from or how long they were there. Immediately called the service for the removal of these pests I went up to the attic with them and was horrified. Everything is turned upside down. There's a lot of droppings everywhere. I hope they don't come back. Otherwise, I'll have to put a grate on the balcony and block the stairs leading to the attic.

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