Mimosa pudica


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Hay all! Got a problem the leafs on my mimosa are going yellow and drying up and fulling in to little bits. What am I doing that's not right?

Here's some images




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4 hours ago, Niki said:

I had the same because I let it dry out too much, even just for a weekend!

Mine also, I had one from a garden centre and then grew some from seed.  They all did exactly as you say and although they didn't exactly die they became such unattractive plants that I eventually threw them out and gave up.  I think they needed higher humidity than I could provide and keeping constantly moist.

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Hi Swizzy, I cannot see your pictures, the album is empty.

Mimosa Pudica was a lawn weed when I was living in South Africa, not so great when bare foot as they have thorns. We hardly ever watered or fed the lawn so it was normally pretty dry and mimosa thrived, even through the summers and droughts. They had tough deep roots and were hard to weed out.

You can tell when mimosa is to dry as the leaves close up and droop down but they should lift back up and open again when watered. I did dig some up at times and pot them, from my experience they seemed to prefer a bigger pot with sandy soil and being kept slightly on the dry side. Full sun too. I had them so dry at times the leaves would turn to powder when rubbed but they would sprout new growth when watered. I could push them to the limit as I had a lawn full to replace them with. I had loads of problems when I tried growing them in a damp, loam rich soil, they would loose their leaves and slowly rot. 

That’s just my experience. I’ve never tried to grow them indoors as a house plant. I suspect they need a bigger, deeper root system to survive the dry periods.

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