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Grrrr Goldies getting got at !

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Whilst having a clean up of my pots I found my 'Goldie's' flower had a caterpillar burrowed into it.


A bit gutted as I wanted to try and ' cross ' this plant but will have to see how much damage has been done when it opens, suffice to say the ' bug ' met a nasty death at the end of a tooth pic.

A day later and I just happened to be browsing the plants again and found this on the same plant !




Little sod has munched a hole right through my Goldies first pitcher, this one is now digesting in a nepenthes cup!.

The flower still seems to be growing, not sure whether to cut this pitcher back now or leave it.


I think looking at it damaged all season is going to be more of a wind up than just cutting it back now...

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Yup Ada, ouch indeed.....

I'm more annoyed as I spent hours yesterday removing last years leaves and inspecting for critters.

This one seems to have been sticking two fingers up at me!.

This damage was definitely done overnight, I'll be starting with the torch light patrols as of tonight !.

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I hate  tortrix moth. Not content with ruining one bit of a plant they go all over the place and usually end up in the growing point!! :ireful3:  And I find certainly with nepenthes that the new growth remains stunted for quite some time suggesting it has got some poison in the plant from the caterpillar!!

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