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Why isn't my Utricularia Longifolia growing?

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Last August, I bought a batch of plants, and having been taken by the flowers on Utricularia Longifolia, I bought one of those as well. I was warned that it grows like a weed, and can take over other pots.


Ha, ha.


I potted it in some of Hant's COM1 mix (which I think is peat/perlite), and treated it the same as the other plants, ie left it sitting in an inch or two of water on a bright window sill. Sadly, it looks the same today as it did last August...




It's not doing badly, in that new leaves grow and replace the few that die off, but as you can see, it's hardly growing like a weed! I haven't seen so much as a sniff of a flower stalk either.


Any advice? Thanks

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I find longifolia to be rather awkward at times. In the past i've had with 2foot long leaves and flowering and at other times ive struggled to grow it at all, although it doesnt die so easily, it just doesnt do much.

The best i had it growing was probably as a semi aquatic and in a fairly shady place, i have a feeling really high humidity helps as well. I need to do something dfferent with mine as it hasnt done much at all in the greenhouse for the last two years.

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mine's the same, never flowers, small leaves. I've tried bright sunny conditions and more shaded ones but it doesn't seem to make any difference.  Been like this for years

Utric longifolia


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