All quiet on the ICPS conf front

David Ahrens

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Prices for entrys are really too expensive and no room for professionnal sellers.... i think it will be a "flop" ^^

I don't know where you've got that piece of information from but I can assure you there will be professional sellers.

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there will be professional sellers from The Netherlands and France as well as from the UK .


We are still finalising the list and will publish it as soon as possible.


Dennis Balsdon
The Carnivorous Plant Society

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Links from the website:


Conference Dinner:


Down House Visit:


Field Trip:


Conference and Speakers:


Science Festival:


Nepenthes attenboroughii painting:


Booking form:

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I have been watching the 2010 ICPS conference lectures on YouTube.  If the 2016 conference lectures are anywhere near that quality then £65 seems like a bargain to me.




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Dennis, It doesn't explain why you are charging £50 for the field trip when I am staying in my own B and B, using my my own transport etc. This is an awful lot of money if you aren't planning to make a profit. I do hope that some do gooder isn't planning to put surplus money into the the conservation fund.

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Hi David


I'm not going to get into a discussion on the detail of our pricing structure for the field trip options which, as I have said, is not aimed at making a huge profit just ensure we do not make a loss as we did when we ran the EEE a few years ago.


The field trip provides members and others with the opportunity to see virtually all the species/hybrids that grow naturally in the UK or have been introduced over the years.  Apart from coach travel and accommodation there are expenses involved in putting on the field trip which we have to cover.



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