Hello to all.


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I'm new to growing carnivorous plants but have bred other carnivores in the past (border terriers). I have a cold greenhouse and am proud of my one Sarracenis Flava "Maxima" and one Drosera Aliciea. I also have some VFT seeds in my heated propagator on a sunny windowsill. Sounds a bit sad, but I've been a cactus person until recently. Now reducing my prickly friends, in the interests of getting less prickled! I'm also a beekeeper, so I like and am interested in insects, carnivorous plants seems a bit of an extension of that.

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welcome to the c.ps :-) cacti sound prickly fun :-D can you perhaps open the light up to the greenhouse? could you wing a small solar setup to run some leds lights perhaps :-) im sure someone on here may be able to assist :-) a warmer greenhouse will likely humour the cps you grow to life a bit more :-)


have fun on the forums


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