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Drosera barbigera x scorpioides, a new pygmy Drosera hybrid

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Dear all,


I started off a post in the German forum to let the users identify the parents of a new hybrid which germinated in the winter 2014/2015 and now started to flower. The flower morphology (bot not the colouration) seems to be dominated by the seed parent, which I like very much.

You will have it a little easier and do not need to guess which species might be the parent of this one, even though I think that is an interesting excercise.


I start with two pictures from last summer, the seedling being roughly half a year old and forming a few gemmae as result of the adaption to the conditions in my "wintergarden".





The plant has grown a lot larger since then. Finally, in the second week of March, I found first signs of an inflorescence.



Two more weeks later one could guess the flower colour.




I missed the first open flowers during the easter weekend and found a third one still open when I came back from work on Thursday. It was already getting dark (but surprisingly the flower was still wide open) and therefore the conditions for taking a picture were pretty bad. Yesterday, I finally had the luck to be at home, have nice conditions for taking pictures and even 2 open flowers:









For comparison a pretty old picture from the seed parent:




Another old picture, now the pollen parent:



I hope you like the hybrid. At least I do very much so :-)





P.S. Yes, some (but very few) of you are waiting for an email reply. I have not forgotten or ignore, I just had very little spare time recently.

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Oh WOW! Your best so far.

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wow that is a great hybrid, congrats!!. I especially love the tall growing species of pygmies. would love to have some gemmae of those this season.

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like it


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