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Andy Collins

Auction 433 - 12 Sarracenia Plants

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This auction is to help with the forum running costs

Auction 433 - 12 Sarracenia Plants - donated by andycpuk

All are small/medium sized single rhizome plants. Ideal for a beginer to start a quick collection.

A09 S.alata - Double Flower

A22 S.alata - Wavy Lid

F34 S.flava var. flava

F71 S.flava var. ornata - Very Vigorous

F78 S.flava var. flava

F105 S.flava var. ornata - Appalachicola National Forest (MK F35)

H37 S. excellens

H40 S.flava red tube x S.alata red lid

H86 S. Brooks Hybrid

H87 S.flava 'red tube' x S.alata 'red lid'

H134 S.leucophylla x S.moorei

0O1 S.oreophila - Typical Form


Postage £5

Please post your bids here

Auction will end 4th April 2016 @ BST 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winner.

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