Sarracenia Dormancy Skipping


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As promised, here is an update. I tried adding some half-strength fertiliser to a few of the plants, and the results have been amazing. It's been less than two weeks since I did it, and look at the results...


My Heliamphora Heterodoxa x Minor has several new leaves, including the large one in the middle that just wasn't there before I fertilised...




The brown leaves are the original ones that were on the plant when I got it. They went brown as it got used to the new conditions, but others grew.


Next is a Sarracenia Barba...




All of the pink leaves are either new or suddenly shot up. The whole plant was about the height of the other leaves, and pretty much all green. There are loads of new leaves, and much larger and more colourful ones now, again all in less than two weeks.


Finally here is a Nepenthes Bloody Mary...




All of the green leaves at the top are new, but I imagine they will turn red like the others. As you can see, they all have lovely red pitchers.


I did try putting some of the liquid inside a few VFT traps, but I can't see I've seen much difference there. Not sure if it was the wrong way to do it.


So overall, I would say this has been a great success. I'm going to try spraying the droseras next, see if that helps.

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