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Andy Collins

Auction 431 - Another 12 Sarracenia Plants

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This auction is to help with the forum running costs
Auction 431 - Another 12 Sarracenia Plants - donated by andycpuk
Over the next couple of months I will have 300+ plants to dispose of. I will try a few lots on here first to see how they go before using ebay. I don't want a lot for them, just a little to help pay for the forum. Postage is £5 because I don't want to end up out of pocket myself.
All are small/medium sized single rhizome plants. Ideal for a beginer to start a quick collection.
A29 S.alata - Heavily Veined - Hilltop Texas
F09 S.flava var. flava - Marstons Exotics
F21 S.flava var. rubricorpora  - Apalachicola Florida
F44 S.flava - Marston Dwarf
F90 S.flava var. flava - Honeysuckle Lane Hurleyville South Carolina
H06 S.oreophila x S.flava maxima - Very Vigorous
H35 S.moorei
H56 S.moorei x S.leucophylla
H87 S.flava 'red tube' x  S.alata 'red lid'
L02 S.leucophylla - White top/red veins  - Tibbee, Alabama
L20 S.leucophylla - White Top Green/veined
RR03 S.rubra ssp rubra - Taylor County  - (RR5 MK)
Postage £5
Please post your bids here
Auction will end 25th March 2016 @ GMT 20:00 hours. The last post with the highest bid with the time showing GMT 20:00 hours will be the winner.

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