Hello from California


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Hello CPUK,


I've been reading your lovely forum for some time now, and I thought I should probably join since you guys have such great content.



I had been growing CP's from about 1997 to 2009. However in 2009 due to health issues I lost quite an extensive collection of nepenthes and cephalotus. So wanting to get back in the hobby now that I am able I just started rebuilding my collection at the beginning of 2015. 


Currently i grow all my plants in a custom grow chamber I built that is climate controlled with an Autopiilot which controls an AC unit, humidifier and misting system. As for lighting its a combination of T5 and LEDs, which the plants seem to love. Before I had just T5s, once I added the two panels of LEDs the plants really colored up and their growth  showed a noticeable increase as well.


Right now my collection mostly consists of highland Nepenthes, Cephalotus, and Heliamphora. Since I have limited grow space as of now I'm mostly focusing on uncommon or rare seed grown plants, save for a few interesting hybrids and TC plants. The nice thing about all my plants being small little seedlings, is they don't grow super fast like some hybrids or lowlanders. This way they'll be small for awhile and not require a space upgrade.



When I get a chance I'll post some pictures of my setup.



That wraps it up for now, 


Thanks CPUK!


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