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Substratum for Cephalotus

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Hi, since last year I made some experiments.

For this I used my normal mixture, ( Mischung) peat, Perlite, sand and cocos and normal earth from the forest (Walderde). It has broadleaf and coniferous trees there. I added peat (about 1%) to it.

To me it looks so far as that Walderde is a bit better in growing than my normal mixture. The dates you can see on the stickers or pics.



I planted a little Ceph. (Stöckl) on 27//2015 in Walderde. I took the picture before I covered the surface with sand (1-3 mm)so that the substrate is visible.


So it looks now (17/2/2016



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My experiment will go further on. The amount of peat I put to the soil was about a teaspoon. What I think the pineneedles make the subtratum a litle bit acid.

As you may know, here in the Black Forest we suffer on acid rain. So the Forestry authorities sprinkle by using helicopters lime powder on the soil.So the soil is anyway acid.

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Well, I think most of the forest soil is humus rich. I haven't tested the forest soil but I suspect that it will be with different acid level on the different altitude. Probably not so important though since I have never found Cephalotus fussy regarding what they are grown in.


However, it is likely for them to grow in just simple garden soil that u can get from your back yard. It is just time for me to test it...

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