Ebay rare sarracenia very dodgy looking

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Once again the same person is trying to sell on fakes on eBay 


Using other people's pictures and frankly the plants for sale look sxxt 


Avoid at all costs 


Sarracenia adrian  slack and Wilkerson white knight 



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Someone's gonna be disappointed....

Shame the bidders can't be warned....

If this auction is kosher then I'll eat my own slack!.

Fingers crossed no one gets their fingers burnt too badly.

It is quite telling the seller has set up a new account and has no selling history or feedback!

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Saw them myself and while the 1st pictures are good the 2nd images show some very poor quality plants - dormancy or not. Also saw it's a new account with no feedback history. Returns not accepted - I wonder why!!!

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Unfortunately there's nothing can be done at this stage. It will be up to the buyer to decide if they've been scammed and that's only going to be certain when the new pitchers grow and mature. Ebay foes have a " historic purchase" complaints procedure which should allow the seller to be reported once items have been proven fake. Problem is, how many more 'rare' plants will this seller have unloaded on unsuspecting buyers by this time?.

The WWK went for £46 and the slack for £26.. Poor prices for the real deal but a nice amount for the 2 sickly plants on offer.

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Well there was no feedback for the Adrian Slack and a scathing one for the WWK, plant was never sent, there's a huge shock !.

I guess at least the buyer will get his/ her money back at least. Better than being sent a sickly plant and having to nurture it just to find out months later you've been conned.

I don't know how some people sleep.......

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