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Hi Guys

Rocki Road

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Quick intro 


I grow Sarracenia I have about 15 now so a mini collection most have a name ( hopefully the correct one ) and a couple of seedlings from a nursery in France that came free with a plant I bought ,  all are kept in my cold greenhouse,  windows open 12 months of the year ... I think that helps to keep them healthy , I did have a problem with vine weevils a couple of years ago which I found in the compost when splinting them in the spring,  amazed me how tough they are I washed all the roots and re potted them in fresh compost all looks ok now as I was growing fuchsias at the same time and they had them as well !!! 



Looking forward to having a good nose about 








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thanks everyone,


Hi Welshy  not far from Pencoed , your greenhouse is looking great, interesting to see how its coming on and what you will be growing . It starts with one !!! 


Oh just up the road from where i was born and bred, Port Talbot. Then i moved to Neath for about 6 years, and now i've been living in Lancashire since late 2013.

You need to have a chat with Ian Salter on here, who isn't very far away from you. Ian's got a massive collection of bog plants available to buy, and is the bugger responsible for getting me into CP's in the first place, and about 3 grand worse off too :laugh1:

Talking of the greenhouse, thanks for your comment by the way !

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