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Mexican Ping cold tolerance


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Ive been reading that P. esseriana can tolerate frosts.  Has anyone any experiences with Mexican pings and sub-zero temps.  Where i live we rarely get anything below -1 or -2 and thats a few days per year, usually.  I'm wondering if i should try a few outside (protected from the rain)...

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I have a mexican ping from Stephen Morley,i've forgotten what it is but it did have very veiny leaves.


Anyway its been out in the greenhouse without any heat what so ever for the past 3 years,winter and summer.I just keep it dry in winter.



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I have some mexican pinguicula incl esseriana in my greenhouse. The greenhouse is kept frost-free. Sometimes there is a little bit of frost but only very short and not often. A few days ago my pots were frozen a little but they didn't mind. So it does work in my conditions, you could give it a try. Oh and I keep them also rather dry during winter.

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