South American sundews for beginners

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Hi all!


I'm planning to expand or better said rebuild (after an electrical misshape on the coldest days here in Sweden) my sundew collection. I've been looking at South American sundews for a while but I wonder if there are some tricks-of-the-trade or some "easier" ones to star with.


Is there any good suplier of them?




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this species makes no troubles in normal warm conditions:

D. graomogolensis

D. latifolia

D. riparia

D. tomentosa

D. spiralis

Use a sand/peat mix 1:1 or perlite/peat mix 1:1 with slightly watering, then no problems.

Hope, this helps

Best regards


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I grow Drosera graomogolensis, Drosera latifolia, and Drosera riparia and they are definitely more forgiving. Drosera graomogolensis even grows on a windowsill for me (I plan on moving it to a better setup soon though). Drosera latifolia seemingly disappeared from my collection but I have noticed it appear again. Drosera riparia has even flowered for me. You might also want to try Drosera felix and Drosera communis. I grow all of these species with Drosera roraimae in long-fibered sphagnum in a plastic tub.




In terms of suppliers, I have purchased from both Best CP and Carnivoria. Other than Drosera meristocaulis which didn't make the trip from Carnivoria, the plants I received were in pretty good shape.

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