What are these white things on my Nepenthes leaves?

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I just noticed that my Nepenthes Ventrata (Alata x Ventricosa) has white things on the leaves and pitchers. At first I thought they were insects, but they don't look like that (no discernable legs or head), and none of them move.


Anyone any ideas...




Here is a closer view...




Sorry it's not altogether clear, but I have a simple camera and no skills with it!


Thanks for any help.

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Looks like tiny pieces of dry sphagnum to me

Interesting theory, but the plant isn't in sphag, it's in some sort of compost, which is dark brown, and these are all white. Also, if it were dry sphag that had dropped out, then I would expect to have seen other stuff dropping out of the compost as well.


Thanks for the reply.

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OK, I noticed another this morning that was much bigger then the others, so managed to get a better picture. Still a bit blurry, but clearer...




This was about 3mm long.


Most of the others look like smaller bits of whatever this is, ie just one or two strands, whereas this has quite a few.


Now it does look like Corky was right, in that it looks like dried moss, but as I said, it's potted in some kind of compost, without any signs of moss anywhere. These little bits are all over the plant, on the leaves and the pitchers.


Anyone any ideas? Thanks again.

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OK, thanks. I wonder how on earth it got there. The plant is hanging up far away from any other plants (see here for a picture), and so isn't near any moss.


Chalk it down to another of life's great mysteries! As long as it's nothing to worry about, I won't worry about it!


Thanks to all of you

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