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I would re pot into fresh soil.

The soil/moss it is in is probably fine as the plant will have originally come from a commercial grower who is mass producing these plants. My concern would be what it has been watered with since leaving the nursery, it's usually just tap water.

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Why take chances ? Remove all the existing substrate carefully, flush roots with fresh rainwater, and repot in a 50/50 mix of peat and perlite. Stand the pot in a water tray and you shouldn't have any problems from then on.

Goodness knows general plant food Aldi staff have probably been feeding them, but it won't be good. Repot to be on the safe side :good2:

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It does look like old, decomposed Sphag. (either that or someone has been sick in your pot)


I would just re-pot it after removing all the existing stuff. You could always just clean it up and pop it (bare root) into the fridge if you are worried about dormancy issues.

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Around here old decomposed sphagnum is called peat.


I was thinking of that stuff (live Sphag) that is pretty much dead (or will be very soon) and covered with a layer of 'slime'. I have been known to cultivate it from time to time but I'm never quite sure how. :)


As far as plants (Sarracenia?) are concerned, I'm not sure that it's ever a good sign.

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I've no idea what they'll have used, but I'd repot to be safe or keep it separate from your others whilst you keep an eye on it rather than have it sharing water trays with others

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