Xmas pitchers


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Hi everyone,

The weather outside is frightful - but at least it's mild. Good for the heating bill.

Here are a few winter pitchers:






N. trusmadiensis:




N. aristo:




N. klossii:




N. peltata:




N. veitchii (1):




N. veitchii (2):




Wishing you good growing in 2016!



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Stunning plants, I'm loving that " aristo"....

I only have 1 nep due to space issues in the winter, the better half doesn't like the plants coming indoors but I fought gallantly for the downstairs lavvy window ledge.

That is now home to a healthy yet dubious looking eymae.... Whatever it actually turns out to be I'm not really bothered as it has fabulous looking pitchers.

Amazing plants and lovely photos, thanks for sharing.


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   that Peltata is huge, how old is it???

Hi. Actually, I'm not sure. It was quite a large plant when I acquired it in 2014. After sulking for a while it started growing quite vigorously and now has a leaf span of 2ft.

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Hello Wiser,

may I ask you where you got the N.klossii from?

Besides I´d be interested in the age of your stunning N.x trusmadiensis. I have just a very small one and would like to know how long it´ll take to reach the size of your beauty.

Hi lilacina,

The klossii is a Borneo Exotics specimen.

Difficult to answer your question about xtrusmadiensis: the plant in the picture is the product of a basal cutting I took from the parent plant about 7 years ago - but it was a big basal cutting. Some species/hybrids grow well for me - xtrusmadiensis is one of them - others don't. I wish you luck with yours!


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