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C. Follicularis Finally Outdoors.


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So, after 5 years of construction work, the scaffold has finally come down and I have access to my balcony again.


This will be my Cephs first proper winter dormancy, they usually just sit on a cool window sill, but even then the temps don't go much below 15°C.


Plant #1



Plant #2



Plant #1 again



Plant #1 & #2 showing the difference in size



If it gets really cold this winter, I will bring them indoors, but want to leave them out as much as possible. Hopefully I'll get some flowers next summer, I've not had any yet and I've had the plants since I sowed the seeds in 2011.






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Hi Corky,


I bought a packet of 3 seeds and had 2 germinate, so a 66% success rate. 

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