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some random new-ish additions


22557387763_3c048857d5_h.jpgDSCF0946 by elvis g, on Flickr


Taminii seedling



22557391483_7ac19a2525_h.jpgDSCF0941 by elvis g, on Flickr


Copelandi x (sib x Vent)


22816482419_b8b46f2a56_h.jpgDSCF0940 by elvis g, on Flickr

22888664800_913097912d_h.jpgDSCF0939 by elvis g, on Flickr


Lingulata from wild seed


22888622120_970f4a325c_h.jpgDSCF1031 by elvis g, on Flickr


Aristo x Spec X Robc



22888453690_e4e89074a2_h.jpgDSCF0682 by elvis g, on Flickr


LVB x Burb


22888457580_60f88960fa_h.jpgDSCF0681 by elvis g, on Flickr


 (Lowii x Veitchii) X Burb


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