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Leaf Pullings 2015


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Thought I would share with you my leaf pullings from this year.

The pullings were taken the second week of July, and planted out early September, you can see how one plants has quiet a large pitcher on it compared to all the others.

All pullings are from my Typical Cephalotus.


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Well done, Ron. You have done great job and I envy u friendly :tu:


Due to my hot climate I have little success almost no success with leaf cuttings each year approx 1% , but on the contrary with seeds the success is extremely high 95% and more....


From 40 leaves taken this year early in the spring from different Cephalotus plants I managed to root only one like every year and I gave up already.


Cephalotus "Brewer's Red"







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Steve, I don't think that the problem is in you or your growing conditions. It happens very often that the Cephalotus seeds are just empty inside. At first sight the hairy coat of the seed is fine but under the coat there is no embryo, so no matter what u do, u won't have germination...

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Hi folks, many thanks for the comments.


@Dimitar, I wish I could grow the seeds like you do, I am like Steve, last year I never got one seed to germinate, hope I have better luck this year. Think I might have to start a leaf growing service. Nice cutting you have in Brewers Red.


@Blocky71, no I took Fifteen leaf pullings and Twelve rooted so 80% success, which I think is good for the first time.

After taking the pullings, I put them in several plastic containers (empty soup containers from supermarket) which I had half filled with Supershag sphagnum moss which was damp, I placed the leafs evenly around the sides in a vertical manner with just the stem of the leaf covered and sealed the containers. They were left on the floor of the conservatory in a shaded area even though the temp would have been around 20-24 deg c.

Alexander this is the mother plant that I took the leaf pullings from, still plenty of big leaves ready for next year. The plant is in a 4 inch / 100mm pot, will repot it in the spring.



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Nice looking ceph Ron....

I seem to get very few leaves on mine, those that are produced tend to be very small.

I've managed to grow around 5 plants from seed, which given how many seeds I planted isn't great but it's a painfully slow process in my experience.

Cheers Chris

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Pitchers will grow as cuttings just as well as leaves so you don't have to wait for the flat, non-carnivorous leaves to develop. Small leaves or non-adult pitchers are fine although the bigger the cutting the more vigorous the initial growth will be.


High humidity, low-medium light levels, steady temperatures - all these help. The more stable and less stressful the conditions the better (in my experience).




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"High humidity, low-medium light levels, steady temperatures - all these help. The more stable and less stressful the conditions the better (in my experience)."


Steve, that is how I did mine, sealed in the pots for Humidity and stored on the conservatory floor in a shaded area to save the pots over heating during any sunny days (not that we have many in Wales).


I also tried some flower stem cuttings off one stem, but did not have any success.



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I've only tried one pitcher that had happened to get knocked off but had no joy.

I'll give it another shot with some leaves and some pitchers.

Has anyone took pullings and grown them on over winter?.

I was thinking of taking some and bringing them indoors for the winter.

Cheers chris

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Thought it was time for an update on the leaf pullings I did last year, some have put on a lot more growth than the others, but all have plenty of young traps starting to emerge, two of the plants have even put up some flower stems. Really happy with the progress considering my first attempt.

I will have to start another thread with all the young seedlings that I managed to germinate after hand pollinating the mother plant last autumn.




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Top job there Ron, I'm both envious and impressed with how easy you've made it seem.

I've had a couple of goes but had nothing like your success.

I lost the last of the leaf pullings that did strike over this winter.

I have 3 seed grown Cephs from my own collection, this is their 5th year and each no bigger than a 5p coin.

I also have 3 seedlings from seeds I got from Stephen Morley ( gardenovenus) last year, they germinated outside during the winter ?.

They seem to be growing at a more normal rate and will soon be bigger than my own seed grown !.

Spurred on by your success I've had another go and done more typical, hummers, and slack pullings, did them a couple of weeks back but had to remove 2 blackened leaves so far, the rest are still looking ok.

Fingers crossed for anything like your success this time Ron !

Cheers blocky

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Thanks Blocky71, and apologises to Peabody for not answering his query.


The potting mix I have used is a mixture of Sphagnum Moss peat, finely grated dried Supershag, Fine Granite sand, 4/5mm Granite grit, a small amount of Perlite and small chopped orchid bark, I just mix it to a consistency that if I take a handful and squeeze it, it has a springy/ spongy feel, it seems to work for me at the moment.

Last year I had my three Cephalotus growing in the conservatory, and likewise the leaf pullings stayed there as well, but I moved them to the greenhouse after potting them on last October, and thats when they took on the colour. The greenhouse is insulated and has a heater that did not allow it to drop below 2Deg C, day time temps are anything up to about 38 deg this past couple of days with this warm spell.

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Thought I would do an update on my leaf pullings as it is Twelve months today since I potted them up, as in the first picture of the post.

This was taken today, you can see the difference in growth on some of the pots.


This one is really colouring up, and is heavy with nectar on some of the traps.


I was shocked to see the roots coming out of the pots so soon, they are potted in 9cm pots


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