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Andy 1973

Advice on Plant Collection

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Hi Everyone


This is the first time I have visited the site for a couple of years due to a house move and simply life getting in the way.


My grand plan when moving house was to get a nice shiny greenhouse and move my collection from its current plastic greenhouse and then add to it bearing in mind that I had reduced my collection drastically a few years back.


However since moving house other hobbies have developed and when I was looking at getting the new greenhouse recently I had realised that apart from keeping the collection watered I just hadn't done anything to it since moving almost 2 years ago.


Therefore I am now considering selling the collection as I just don't seem to have the love anymore, don't get me wrong I intend to keep a couple of plants back for windowsills and the like but I just don't feel as though I can commit the time to a proper collection at this current time.


The problem I have is I am totally out of touch with the going rate for plants and also wondered if the best option would be to try and sell the collection as a whole or spending the time selling plants individually.


Below is a list of the main part of my collection and most plants are a good flowering size and could be divided, any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks Andrew


A1 Sarracenia Alata - Red Lid, Black Throat, Pubescent - Tall Strong Clone  (MIK A26)

A2 Sarracenia Alata - Black Tube - DeSoto, Mississippi (MIK A27)

FA1 Sarracenia Flava var Atropurpurea (All Red Form), Blackwater (MIK F27C)

FA2 Sarracenia Flava var Atropurpurea, Sumatra, Florida (W)(SM) 2006 (MIK F217)

FC1 Sarracenia Flava var Cuprea, North Carolina

FF1 Sarracenia Flava var Flava C.V. 'Maxima'

FF2 Sarracenia Flava var Flava - All Green Giant - North Carolina (Formally var Maxima)( IP SF25)

FM1 Sarracenia Flava var Maxima, North Carolina (MIK F91)

FRG1 Sarracenia Flava var Rugelii(Kew 3206 1990-1330)

FRB1 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora C.V. 'Claret' 1987 Slack Division (PJ FRUB02)

FRB2 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Don Schnell (MIK F124)

FRB3 Sarracenia Flava var Rubricorpora, Sandy Creek Rd, Bay Co, Florida

L1 Sarracenia Leucophylla - Pubescent, Deer Park, Alabama

L2 Sarracenia Leucophylla "White Top"ex J Ainsworth( PJ L07)

L3 Sarracenia Leucophylla "GreenForm" Milton Co. Florida (PJ L03)

L4 Sarracenia Leucophylla Purple & White Giant Form, Route 71 Nr Altha N.Florida (MIK L19)

L6 Sarracenia Leucophylla (IP SL12)

L7 Sarracenia Leucophylla - Horsford, Liberty Co,Florida (IP SL17A)

L8 Sarracenia Leucophylla

L9 Sarracenia Leucophylla "Hot Pink Selections 1" (MIK L48A)

L10 Sarracenia Leucophylla "Hot Pink Selections 2" (MIK L48B)

M1 Sarracenia Minor (IP SM31)

M2 Sarracenia Minor Giant

M3 Sarracenia Minor var Okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, North East (MIK M16)

M4 Sarracenia Minor var Okefenokeensis, Red Form (MIK M32)

H1 Sarracenia 'Juthertip Soper' (IP SX53)

H2 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid" (IP SX01)

H3 Sarracenia x Harperi

H4 Sarracenia 'Lynda Butt' ex Slack (IP SX30)

H5 Sarracenia 'Victoria Morley'

H6 Sarracenia x Mooreana

H7 Sarracenia Alata 'Red Lid' x Flava

H8 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid Orange Clone" (IP SX33)

H9 Sarracenia Alata Red x Flava Red Burgandy PJ

H10 Sarracenia 'Diane Whittaker' (MIK H2)

H11 Sarracenia Flava Red x Alata Red (MIK H26)

H12 Sarracenia "Goldie" (PJ Plants bought June 2010 direct from Paul G)

H13 Sarracenia Dana's Delight MIK

H14 Sarracenia Oreophila x Purpurea Heterophylla ( IP HY32)

H15 Sarracenia x Red Sumatra (MIK H45)

H16 Sarracenia Moorei All Red (MIK H44)

H17 Sarracenia “Suspicion” (MIK F237)

H18 Sarracenia “Pink Thing” (MIK H187)

DC1 Darlintonia Californica, Siuslaw National Forest, Cane County, Oregon

CF1 Cephalotus Follicularis

SD1 Sarracenia x Moorei "Brooks Hybrid Orange Clone" X ????? (4 TO 5 YEAR SEEDLINGS)

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Hi Andrew


From your point of view it would be easier to sell the collection as a whole because you get rid of it in one go and you don't have to mess about posting it. However collectors may already have many of the plants you have and so would be reluctant to buy the whole collection in order to get one or two plants ( I myself would be interested in a few of the plants but would not consider buying the lot !) and also it would probably need to be someone who lives fairly close to you as they would need to collect them. With these things in mind I would suggest it would probably be better to offer them up individually.


Regarding price it is really down to what you think is a reasonable price and perhaps you might have to look to see what individual plants are attracting on places like ebay or on this forum. There are some obvious plants in your collection that would attract a higher price than others i.e. "Goldie"


Sorry not a definitive answer but hope it helps a little.



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Thanks for the reply Dave, much appreciated. I do feel you are right about the individual sales as opposed to the collection as a whole. I just need to knuckle down and get my knowledge back up to what it was a few years back and realistically will probably have to sort out the collection in advance of the Spring when I can get some up to date pic as at the moment the plants have died back for the dormancy period. You never know I might even get the bug back. :-)

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Hope you do get the bug back! I remember I gave up a lot of things in the past and still now I wish I had them still. But keeping my small bunch of plants in check can be hard some times. You have what I dream of having but it must be hard work with the things in life we got to do. But yeah hope your heart gets in to it when thay wake up

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