Highland Nepenthes soil mix


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Hello everyone...I will receive some highland Nepenthes in a few days and I would like to give them the best soil (I am using for now peat-perlite mix).So I start searching but there are too many compositions....and I do not know if they are good or bad!(I find one in Romaima :One liter pack of pumice, perlite, sphagnum moss, coconut chips and peat) but coco chips will be a problem if they are too salty..... What is your opinion abut the soils?


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soils really depend on conditions as well as plants


  the Roraima mix seems a good one, im sure the coir will have been "washed" (you could ask Mekk, on the forum)


I use peat perlite coir moss & a little bit of sponge (the kind you wash yourself/car with)


 i get my coir from "Fertile fibre"  check ebay for orchid coco chips

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