Hi from East Anglia

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Hi all, I am one of those newbies ensnared by the garden centre lies!


After picking up a VFT at a GC and having it actually survive on my north facing bathroom window sill and then a Pitcher plant (which I later worked out was a Sarracenia Flava) which also survived I decided that perhaps my thumb was greener then I thought (I HATE gardening with a passion). 


Being an inquisitive sort I did some research and was astounded to find out that these things can survive outside in the UK!!! I am currently accommodating them in a tray in the garden (potted) along with three droseras I picked up from the GC today. 2x Aliciae and a Capensis Alba. They looked very sorry for themselves and for a pound each they seemed worth a punt.


The plan now is to build a dedicated microbog in an old ornamental fountain I have. I will update maybe when thats done. There is plenty of cutting, drilling and planning to do on that one. 



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Hi I'm in East Anglia too Lowestoft, i used to love driving to garden centres where i bought a few plants, cant do that now, good luck with the micro bog, just be sure it doesn't dry out to fast.

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Hi Crowlord.

Also from the region (Ipswich). It's a hobby that's addictive with so many plants to choose from. My favourites are Sarracenia purpurea and another which does well outside (northern type). Best of luck with your plants and plans.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, it becomes a very addictive hobby, I just started my first outdoor planter this year here's the link to my thread http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55405

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