Can you use Gutter Moss

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This might be a silly question but I am to old to care.

My gutter was blocked yesterday so had to clean it out

And found a nice piece of moss, so put it in a saucer

And it's in the greenhouse getting plenty of light.

Can you use it in you pots as top dressing ?

See it here

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I've never heard of anybody using it but I assume it has washed down from your roof.  It will therefore have whatever airborne pollution you have in Peterborough.


In any case moss that is happy to live on the surface of your potting medium will appear naturally over time.  Some people find this attractive and leave it.  





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I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem, i sometimes grab the occassional handful of many different mosses when i'm walking the dog in the woods and then just place it randomly here and there as top dressing in my nepenthes baskets, mixed in with the usual sphagnum. Some of them take, some of them don't. 

As Dennis has said, mosses will appear on top of your pots in time anyway, but if you're adding moss from walls, roof, or gutters, it would be worth giving it a thorough flushing through to remove the build up of minerals. Also remove as much of the moss's black 'soil' as possible. Granted, nepenthes are more mineral tolerant than other CP's, but if the moss is thoroughly rinsed beforehand i can't see a problem. It wouldn't be the moss itself that does any damage, it would be whatever has built up in it's 'soil'.

If you're still a bit wary, just try it on one or two pots first.

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That looks awfully like what I call a star moss (tortula ruralis?) and whilst not detrimental it doesn't do a lot as it doesnt retain moisture externally like sphagnum and is dry to the touch. I must confess I pull it out of my bogs whenever I see it but it keeps coming back.




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