Artificial lighting for highlanders

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I'm sure this topic has been hashed and rehashed and I've read the many, many inconclusive and technical argument for lighting Nepenthes. All I really need to know is if it's possible to burn plants with a 6 tube HO T5 fixture, approximately 2' above the plants, with 1/4" plexiglass between the lights and plants, and reading under 10,000 lux, where the light hits the tops of the plants. The light is on for 10 hrs. I am growing robcantleyi and Miranda under 6,600 lux and get great coloration and growth, so I'm hoping I don't have too much light. Temps are well controlled and kept between 73F-83F daytime and 53-55F at night. Thanks in advance.

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I have my 4-tube 2' lightwave 45cm above the bottom of my Nep tank (distance from tops of plants varies with pot and plant size), sitting on 4mm glass. I've had the setup for about a month and most plants are showing redness in their leaves and growing vigorously. It may be a bit overkill considering the light burn, but I like to grow my plants hard and lighting has always been the easiest variable for me to manipulate for that purpose, while maintaining high humidity - therefore good growth - in a terrarium environment.

In short, I'd say you're good to go with your lighting!

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My opinion is if the lighting is much stronger than the plants were previously getting you will get some leaf burn, I would start off with the lights high and bring them lower over a couple of months, but all depends on how much stronger the light is compared to previous

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