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List of fake giant clones


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Everyone who had bought a Giant clone and didnt get any giant traps out of it, can post its name here. And if he wants to... the name of his biggest giant plant as comparison. I want to know how many fake giants are out there who are just above average (3,8cm traps) or something like that.

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B52 consistently gets big for me. King Henry got big for me, here it is:


On the other hand, I don't know if "Big Mouth" is considered a giant , but you'd think the name implies it produces large traps. Been a pretty big disappointment for me, but I won't judge until it produces a very big plant, then we'll see. Here's 'Big Mouth':


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Genuine giants (in my conditions obviously) Darwin, King Henry, DC XL..............Dissapointments, B52 and I have at least four of them.


Hi Pete,


My B52's have never reached the infamous 5cm mark, but are consistantly 4.5cm and over. Here are some photo's from last year: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55999


I got mine from the original imports from Kheen Carnivores in 2008 from PlantEv.




My Big Mouth gets traps 4cm+ wide and get the most amazing purpleish colour on them.




Others I grow with large traps that are over 4cm and consistantly around 4.5cm are:

Z11 (BCP), Giant form and G14 (Dirk Ventham's Giant). I have not grown Darwin long enough to see how large the traps get.


Dissapointments for me were Big Vigorous and, sorry to say, G16.

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This is honestly a tough topic to really discuss and get straight perfect answers. I have been growing flytraps for a while. 2016 will be my 10 year mark. I have worked directly with the biggest Flytrap names in the US and still do.



Here is something I have learned that I think is HIGHLY important for this thread. 


Conditions matter more than cultivar name. At least while going with a big named plant. (some named cultivars like Coquillage and Korean Melody Shark don't ever get very big).... But, different areas support bigger growth on different plants. 


DC XL is a perfect example of this. I know 2 different growers/sellers that currently offer this plant and both have seen this plant reach fairly impressive sizes. But, i currently own so many DC XL I don't have a count. (more than 100) But, I have never seen a trap reach 3.8cm. Same thing goes with FTS Towering Giant. Currently own about 50-60 of them and never seen them get all that impressive.


But, I know that they can. I have seen the pictures and have spoken with those who would have seen it first hand in their care.



B52 is a bit of a "meh" for me. Because it has impressed me on several occasions but my problem is that it is not very consistent with its size. I have had seasons where I don't get a trap over 3.8cm on any of my B52 but other years where I will get 1-2 traps that get over 4.5cm. And usually, those big traps only come during spring growth and sometimes with first summer growth. But mid summer and fall it becomes very average and ordinary. But, the kicker is a lot of plants tend to do this for me. I have typicals that will, on the rare occasion, put out a massive trap or two.



So, I think it is really hard to call any plant a fake giant. While it may certainly be fake (just someone trying to make a money grab), I think the majority of big named plants that are popular are so because for some, they do in fact get really big on occasion. But, which one is going to grow well in the environment you provide, no idea. buy em all and see.



I think another big thing to consider is "how often do they get big?". Because so far, only 1 plant gets big a lot and stays big most of the year for me. All other large plants I have grown tend to only have big traps in the spring. So by that standard, if you want a plant that is big all the time, then no plant on the market currently fits that bill and they are all fakes. I mean, would we call "Sawtooth" that name if it only got those saw like teeth on 1-3 traps per year and then looked totally normal the rest of the time?


For me, the only constant super giant plant has been SD Kronos. But, it is only really grown in my environment so far (and FlytrapRanch's environment. But, our areas aren't all that different and we're only 6.5hrs away from each other). So it is not really a plant that is available yet and for all I know, once I start shipping them to Europe, they could grow like complete crap there. 

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