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Theres been a lot of plants and seeds for sale recently that one might think have been obtained by seed collection during safari trips to various places, probably with the logic 'its only a few seeds so it doesnt matter'.

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Well i wouldnt pay 350 for any plant. I can get a paphiopedilum rothschildianum for way way less than that for example, and although edwardsianas are nice, there are nicer plants to be had far cheaper. I honestly think people buy them just so they can say i've got something you haven't...

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It's a shame really, respectable seller, nice selection. but this plant sadly is of a very dodgy origin, it is likely from a seller in Thailand who was previously accused of poaching on this forum and on others. Sorry to be the one to say this, and I don't want to make accusations but it is suspicious. I advise that no one buys this plant as to do so you could be supporting illegal trade of plants. If you want one head to wistuba, yes it migh be small but, plants do grow.

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