First flowers of the season

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Dear all,

as I had severe problems accessing and posting in this forum, these pictures are posted a little later than I did in the GFP forum. Nevertheless, I hope they will be of interest for you anyway.

As it is still early in the season, there are only rosetted species starting to flower now. This year, two species made in nearly at the same time, but one D. whittakeri form from Onkaparinga Gorge won the contest by 2 days. D. praefolia followed a few days later. As it seems, at least 3 of my D. praefolia plants flower this season. :-)




A few days later I had the pleasure to find 7 open D. praefolia flowers:
Hallo zusammen,


As you can see, only few of the flowers have 5 petals. I do not grow this species long enough to judge wether this is normal or not. At least it is interesting.

You will find even more pictures on my website.


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Hi Dieter!


Thanks for these greats picture ,your plants are superbs !!


I have also some flowers but not the same species i have some flowers of.


D.magna (in a few days)


and in a few days D.prostrotoscaposa



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