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¿Any known locations from Guatemala?

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Well, here's the thing, i tried surfing in the web for information about Guatemalan carnivores, to my surprised, i found some places where they could live, they point out some departments (nothing very specific), but that is way too big of a searching area... i dont know if the info on the web is verified or just speculations, after this, i tried going to the University that is meant to keep all of this info about plants, once again, it wasnt very helpful, they couldnt tell anything, actually, i felt like they had no idea about what a carnivorous plant is, now i have no clue where i can find this info, so thats why im here.

Im planning a trip to find out some cp locations.

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Guatemala has lots of Utricularia, if you go to the Carnivorous Plant Society's FAQ page look up Carnivorous Plants of Central America and the Caribbean you will find a list.

Drosera should occur there too, as does Genlisea filiformis.

Pinguicula clivorum, P. crenatiloba, P. lilacina, P. mesophytica, P. moranensis and P. orchidioidesa all occur there.

P. mesophytica has been found in the department of Chiquimula on the middle slopes of Montana Norte to El Jutal at 1217m and at Cerro Brujo, S.E. of Conception de las Minas at 802m.

P. moranensis has been found at Chichicastenago at 2200m, and P. orchidioides in the Department of Solala.

There are also pictures online of a P. sp. Guatemala from 3100m; but they don't state from where exactly.

I hope this helps; if you find anything new please take photos and report back.


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Thanks a lot LeeB. Thats by far the most useful piece of info I have so far, I was thinking more of the Zacapa/Izabal side, but I haven't found anything...

I suspect I saw some utricularias one time I went to vacations to Izabal, but I wasn't into these plants back then, I hope they are still there...

BTW, Lee, I know about sarracenia FAQ, but as you said, nothing specific, and I can't afford to explore the entire department, sadly I'm going as a vacationist.

If I find something, I'll be in posting it here.

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Catopsis berteroniana is recorded from Rio Dulce.And as Genlisea filiformis is recorded from Belize as well as Guatemala it might be found in that area.LeeB.

Genlisea un belize? Where exactly? I might as well go there looking for that plant too, I'm actually a little more interested in finding pings/utris, and specially interested in Drosera, but I have never heard of Droseras in Guatemala, do you have info about any Guatemalan drosera?

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Have a look here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/epmallory3/albums/72157631817597942

There are lots of nice pictures of carnivorous plants from Belize.

They show Genlisea and also Drosera capillaris; D. brevifolia has also been recorded from there.

I haven't seen any exact locations.


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