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Hi there my name is Sabian im 12 and in the uk nottingham i currently own 4 carnivorous plants 3 nepenthes one dionea i kniw quite a bit but would like more info on other speacies like heli's butterworts and stuff my nepenthes are 1 n.ventra 1 n.ventriicosa x talangensis and 1 vietchii x burbidgeae im wanting to expand my collection with new plants drosera,heli's,nepenthes,butterwort and cephalotus's :/ so umm ya


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Welcome Sabian. You will find that there are a few growers in the Nottingham area who, I am sure, would be willing to offer you any help advice they can.



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Welcome to the forums. Ask away, lots of information here, both to read from previous posts, but also pick other's brains on particular issues. By far my most valuable resource for the growing of CP's.


- Martin

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