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from Uganda


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Hello everyone,


I am in Arua in Northern Uganda. My son and I have some VFTs and one rather sad seedling pitcher plant that is hanging in there.


We are looking forward to finding out what else we can grow in Uganda and how to grow them. Also where we can get the seeds from!

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Welcome to the forum!!

The species that occur in the wild in Uganda should be easy to grow for you! :)

That should be Drosera dielsiana and Drosera madagascariensis, and a bunch of Utricularia.

But if you want to start easy, Drosera capensis should work just fine and is easy to get hold of.



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Thank you, Fero,


I'm afraid I dont know much about where to look for CPs here. My guess is that they would be on the tops of mountains where there is lots of rain and little tree cover? The Rwenzori Mountains comes to mind. Also possibly in in the Imatong Mountains. I am actually planning to hike there in January but it will be the dry season so I am not sure what I will find. Any hints or ideas of how and where to find them would be appreciated! John

I wonder if there are other members of this forum in East Africa?

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We are looking forward to finding out what else we can grow in Uganda


By the look of things you are pretty much on the Equator so I would imagine that you could grow all manner of plants.


I never, usually, get to say this but your problem might be that you are just too warm year round for many plants. Sarracenia, VFT etc all need a Winter rest.

You probably don't get much of a Winter so I would be tempted to go for Neps and Heli's ... things that, up here in the North we have to grow under artificial conditions.


'Horses for courses' comes to mind. I doubt that you could ever cultivate Cypripedium in your climate but, then again, I would struggle with many plants that probably grow like weeds in Uganda.


Look for species that like Sun and warmth and grow year round. Plenty there to choose from.   

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Thank you so much for these ideas Hud. My biggest challenge is access to plants as shipping stuff here would be prohibitive and I think the bureaucracy here would be hard to overcome. Mostly I have to grow stuff from seed (until now palms and the like). Though I did manage to bring a VFT from the UK in my hand luggage as a gift for my son! By the way it seems to be doing well and we have divided into three pots now.


So that is why I am on a search for viable Nep seeds. As you say Hud they would seem my best bet. But my first time to sow seeds, despite waiting for 9 months, came to nothing and I ended up with a bunch of green slime!

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Ho Mvule. In Uganda there are 23 species of CPs described. 3 sundews (D.burkeana,D.madagascariensis and D.indica), 19 species of Utricularias and Aldrovanda. See https://www.google.com.mx/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.malariaworld.org/sites/default/files/mwjournal/article/MWJ2013_4_10.pdf&ved=0CCIQFjADahUKEwjE89XBpNbIAhUEzYAKHS6DCbE&usg=AFQjCNE0ejRcBibCMZNzV3rnaR-HWTcIag

There are also some infos on localization. Its exciting! I would expect there are more species. You have to look in yearround wet and bare areas - swamps, roadsides, rocky wet areas, sandy wet areas, gravel wet areas, etc. Really looking forward!!! For your venus flytrap winter dormancy and winter dormant drosera you can use also fridge. It shoul be no problem. You will find a lot of info here in the forum.

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Thank you Fero and Buster! Fero that article was very interesting and thank you for the offer of seeds. You all are very encouraging!

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