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Hi ,over 3 months ago I purchased a nepenthes "lady luck" from a local plant store here in New York.Two baby plants were in a bio dome with water and instructions.I placed it in a morning sunny east window and it did very good in the last 2 months.It grew so much that the web site said transplant it to a bigger glass dome as the plant gets bigger. I will be putting mine in a suitable bowl as soon as I can find one my leaves are growing outside the original small plastic container that I purchased 2 months ago.I did find a nice bowl and did so and it is doing very good. I will be reading all the posts and learn as much as i can.21709136330_a96820e9fe_n.jpgbio2 by philip, on Flickr21709136250_fe4463c349_n.jpg11061769_10205081439017522_2097018056450888377_n by philip, on Flickr

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After a tougher winter then I thought here in New York (it got chilly in the house),my Lady Luck grew to triple it's size over the summer months. It really took off and grew a number of new traps and loved the cover I kept it under to raise the humidity. This winter I will keep it in my 90 gallon terrarium and keep the lid off..It will be under two 40 watt fluorescent tubes and have a high humidity. 71e49af00e341dc6541a5ec66769e4c0.jpg6d78e7b4435293dfae088c16148e6d0d.jpg

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de99b4df85469effb1275b705c0e31da.jpg well i went ahead and moved my "lady luck" into my 90 gallon terrarium/ rivertank at work. I wanted to do this because this being my second winter owning this plant I saw it "slow down" too much last winter in my freezing house. Since I cant get my wife to raise the heat in our house I want to see how the plant does over this winter in a very good environment.
I have my temperature at 70/75 and humidity is 70% to 80%....This tank has live goldfish ,running water and plants growing very good..The river tank pumps water from the low side to the high side and cycles every few minutes. The waste from the gold fish feed the plants and the grow like crazy....29515b9efc941e6618000197e6bb0a98.jpg

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