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S. Purpurea, Deformed Pitchers.


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My S. Purpurea has been doing well again this year, but over the last couple of months I've noticed that the new pitchers it's producing are deformed.


Last year, I did have a slight problem with tiny caterpillars that were folding the tops of the pitchers over and binding them with silk, but there's no sign of these this year.


I have also checked for other pests and sprayed with my usual fungicide/pesticide earlier in the season, as a preventative measure.


The only thing I can think of is either a root pest, or some sort of genetic abnormality which is now showing itself as the plant matures (It's coming up to 3 years old now).


I took this photo yesterday,



If anyone has experienced this or knows what's causing it and any possible treatments, your advice would be appreciated.


Best regards,



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looks like aphid damage to me Ian.

They can get right in the growing crown and cause this damage,spraying needs to be kept up regularly.If you read the instructions you have to spray at fortnightly intervals at first,then every couple of months for full protection.


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I have exact same on some of my purps Ian, I've also seen no bugs so not sprayed but will give them a squirt now as per Ada's advice.

I usually see some aphid activity on my vft's through the summer but I can't recall seeing a single aphid this year. I know that doesn't mean they're not there but slugs and caterpillars have caused the most damage this year to my plants.

I'm currently inundated with huge garden spiders which have taken up residence between the sarras pitchers. I'm not phobic but these spiders are on steroids!

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