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Cps in Holland?

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Iwill be travelling to Holland 24-27.9. Are there any tips for seeking carnivores? Hortus Botanicus is on my list but are they any others? Around Utrecht and Amsterdam area?

Cheers and thanks!

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In the field things are very much going into rest already..also it would basically be the same species as in Finland. Hortus Leiden is indeed the best place to see some good cp's. Keith might be a bit to far in the South of The Netherlands. Shows are also over (you're just 1 weekend late for the last one in the Hortus Platage (Amsterdam). In Amsterdam there is a nice seller of plants who ahs occacionaly really nice plants for not too much money on the Flowermarket (next to the Mint tower, dead centre in the Amsterdam shopping area). Name is Will van Someren, about in the middle of the market.

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