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repotting roridula & feeding

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I have a 2 year old Roridula but seems it doesn't grow vigerously. The plant is +- 10 cm high & fully covered by Drosophila from nearby rotting fruit.





I read

....feed your plant with a liquid fertilizer high in nitrogen...


So DO I really neeed to feed the plant for a better result? I have something like -> NPK 13+3+15+11CaO+3MgO Or better use some high nitrogen osmocote?


Some repotting maybe, or does it hav fragile roots





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The oldest Rodidula gorgonias in my conditions is 2 years old seed grown plant and it is nearly 40 cm high. I have never fed the plant, neither the plant has ever caught something, nor I have used fertilizer. For its age the plant flowered and I got seeds from it and seedlings already from them.


However, I wouldn't disturb the roots of your plant since I found disturbing the roots fatal...

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You ca go to a bigger container but leave the originall root + soil clumb intact! The roots break easy and root damage is often deadly.

If you want to feed...basically the plant is set up to take its food through the absorbtion...so use a foliar feed if you have to and make it a weak one!

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