Nepenthes attenboroughii: on the way to success?

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Let's travel to the Philippines today.
I once struggled with this species but now things are improving  :dance4: :
Read more here:
All the best,
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fantastic Francois

                           what growing medium do you use??

  Two of the biggest N. Atbri in cultivation are grown in different media


     1 grown in pure LFS

    1 grown in a peat/perlie/Laterite mix


    i have tried both of these but still no great progress even though i used Osmocote pellets!!


   i have now "ditched" the Laterite as it seems too heavy & condenses the media and am testing peat & perlite on one of my plants

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Hi Mark,


I wasn't gone, I was more lurking and had no real time for posting. But being a 10 years old member, I couldn't resist. ;-)


@ Elvis:

I have sown the seeds on LFS then after a while I repotted the seedlings in a mix of peat, sand and laterite. They are now in a mix made of peat, gravel and sand as I had no laterite available. They don't seem to mind. :-) 


Hope this helps,



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