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Krzysio's Nepenthes


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You're right Welshy, N. northiana is a typical lowlander, and I grow it in a greenhouse with lowland conditions 23-24 degrees during the day, 20-21 at night, 93% humidity.


It is a greenhouse with a lowland climate





The greenhouse with highland conditions is now set to 22-23 during the day, 16 at night and 93% humidity.

Blue - temperature, red- humidity




In this conditions I grow heliamphoras, sarracenia and some highland Nepenthes








Nepenthes reinwardtiana Red (West Borneo)




Nepenthes naga (Mt.xxx, West Sumatra)




Nepenthes mirabilis Red (West Borneo)





Most highland Nepenthes I'm growing in a completely different room, 19-20 degrees during the day, 15-16 at night













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N. northiana is not an ultra lowllander, it is an intermediate species like N. clipeata. The limestone endemic "ultra lowlander" you're thinking of is N. campanulata.

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Fortunately, the University pays the bills

Unfortunately, in the phytotron can not be set lower temperatures at night, so most Nepenthes in the near future I move to the greenhouse, where temperature control is better and I can set a much lower temperature

At current temperatures at night plants grow better and still produce pitchers, only in the winter temperatures at night I'm going to set to 12-13 degrees

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N. northiana is not an ultra lowllander, it is an intermediate species like N. clipeata. The limestone endemic "ultra lowlander" you're thinking of is N. campanulata.

No i'm not, i'm thinking of northiana being an ultralowlander, and a notoriously difficult one at that.

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Please explain how an "ultra lowland" species can be restricted to hills? In order to be a "lowlander", it has to be from the lowlands, not an area physically above the surrounding lowlands... It is difficult because people keep trying to grow it like N. rafflesiana or N. ampullaria, which is kind of dumb if you think about it as those species are from Kerangas forest, not foggy limestone hills.

People have trouble with N. clipeata (800 meters) and N. northiana (400 - 600 meters) for the same exact reason. Both species are intermediates which want less water in the soil than do lowland species. Treating either species like a lowlander long term will eventually cause rotting with the whole plant dying from the bottom up. The difference between them is N. northiana doesn't like bright light and tends to be under other vegetation.

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Ah, i wasn't aware that northiana only grew in that 400 to 600 metre range, i thought that it grew up to 600 metres. Of course it's not an ultra lowlander then as you say. But if it's all the same with you Dave, i'll still classify it as a lowlander that wouldn't do well in my intermediate/highland greenhouse where i get night temps of 10-14c depending on the time of year.


Apologies to Krzysio for hijacking his thread.

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Thanks elvis, pmatil



Nepenthes ventrinermis (N. inermis x N. ventricosa)


Nepenthes_ventrinermis_23_12_2014_085.jp  Nepenthes_ventrinermis_23_12_2014_081.jp


2015_07_29_049.jpg  2015_07_29_050.jpg



Nepenthes ventricosa (Philippines)


2015_07_15_026.jpg  Nepenthes_ventricosa_29_01_2015_040.jpg


Nepenthes alba






27_04_2014_150.jpg  2015_09_25_064.jpg


Nepenthes bokorensis (location C, Cambodia)


2015_09_25_099.jpg  2015_07_29_093.jpg


2015_07_29_089.jpg  2015_09_25_090.jpg




2015_07_15_066.jpg  Nepenthes_bokorensis_01_04_2015_125.jpg


Nepenthes glabrata





2015_07_13_030.jpg  2015_07_13_029.jpg



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