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helicodiceros muscivorus


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Hi guys, i recently received some small helicodiceros muscivorus bulbs as a gift and planted them right away. I had a little poke about to make sure they were doing okay and 2 of the 3 had started producing lots of roots (yay). one of them however had been kept a little damper, i guess it was in a slightly less warm position. Anyway the 3rd one had not rooted but had gone a bit softer and had some white furry mold on it. i removed it from the substrate that was a little too damp if i'm honest.

I haven't had any experience with this plant but i have heard that some people treat aroid bulbs for rot by using things like saw dust or cinnamon powder. I'm really not sure how to approach this. I'd rather not use fungicides but would try it as a last resort.

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