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falconeri sundew

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Hello everyone
I just require your knowledge of the culture of sundew falconeri
I bought mine in early April 2015 and the plant was in recovery
the seller told me she was set to our seasons
by cons I feel that she is returning to sleep: is this normal or too early?
for me this should be done in September?
thank you in advance for your advice

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In general the plant will decide if it wants to grow or rest. Australian sundews are not easily forced from what I can tell.

I keep the light and humdity high the whole year with about 10 degrees between day and night and when the plants look like they want to rest I have the waterlevel low so that t just touches the pot. In full growth I'll have it about 1 cm up. They are doing fine and are several years old.


This works for me anyway..with falconeri, petiolaris, fulva, delato-petiolaris and ordensis.

I would be interested what others do though :Laie_97:

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