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There not growing right.

I think it to do with me moving them around and the light made them bend funny?

Here's all my plants on this link.

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Yup I tend to agree with N Lowii. It looks like a combination of stressor environmental factors as well as possible insect damage at least on one of your S. purpurea hybrids. But hey some of those pics show magnificent success for all your very hard work.


If you can spot tiny insects such as aphids lurking on young pitchers/phyllodes or in the rhizome; you could always try the old trick of a cotton wool soaked in meths.


But despite what the books tell you, many CP's are not happy in your average room in a house and would be far better being left to their own devices outside . We try so hard to get our plants through freak weather seasons, or to give enough light intensity or whatever, but in my experience freshness is vital as is finding some kind of 'Tao' in one's cultivation efforts.  I think that Feng Shui can be quite a useful way of approximating these things and also bear in mind that houses have very unnatural airflow mostly; and also that the micro-ecosystem in a particular plant pot can take a year on upwards to 'stabilise' in some cases if not others.


Like myself, I think you probably err on the side of trying too hard - no discouragement or disrespect - and instead of trying to avoid getting things wrong why not just establish the basics, and observe disinterestedly what happens. My plants never grew so beautifully as when they were almost quite out of reach a few villages away!!!


Good luck

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Yes, looks like physical damage while still growing. Not sure of the exact cause though.

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