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Dionaea muscipula carnivoria ´004´


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Has anyone grown this Venus flytrap and has pictures of adult plants.


They have only one shot of trap on website and I would like to see if all the traps of this plant looks like that. So I don't know whether it is worth buy.


Please add some pictures if you can :)

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you always need to be suspicious of growers  selling new cultivars showing just a single trap as more often than not the rest of the plant will be normal.

To be safe its always best to get feedback from others first or wait until the plant becomes well known and established in other peoples collections.


It can be tempting to go out and buy something thats advertised as a new cultivar but more often than not you will be disappointed.


There must be hundreds of vfts with fancy names but you wont find them in the experienced growers collections as these plants disappear shortly after the over keen newbie with too much money reaslise they look like typicals for most if nt all of the season

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