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I found a few earwigs around the plants, I typically have my 2 VFT plants and my pitcher seeds in pots on the windowsil. I was wondering if these can do any damage to the plants, I think I am correct in thinking they can attack plants.


It was only 2 actually and I have searched the area but cannot find a gathering of any kind.


Thanks folks

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Were they a pair? They're easy to sex.


The only damage I've had on plants due to earwigs was on flower petals. They like soft material to chew, probably more dangerous to any decaying plant material lying around

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I live on the 9th floor of a tower block, poor wee guys must have been worn out, unles they got the lift of course. I fed one to the palnt and it hasent escaped or chewed through, the other went for an abseil.



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