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Gabgabinou's Nepenthes


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This is my tiny glandy which i only acquired 5 months ago.




This was the latest pitcher and is only about 5cm tall. If it ends up with colouration like yours, i'll be very happy (the colour of yours reminds me of albomarginata 'Penang' to look at).

Is yours BE3613 by any chance ? How old is it and how tall are those pitchers in the photo ?

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Is yours BE3613 by any chance ? How old is yours and how tall are those pitchers in the photo ?


Unfortunatly, I have no idea if it's from BE, and I don't remember when I bought it... I'd say the plant is 5 or 6 years old.

Pitchers are around 15cm tall.




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Good evening everybody,

Having started my training in horticultural production, I will not have much time to share my things (although I was already not much now ...)
I made you a new small series, despite my absence, I'm lucky to have my parents that water from time to time, and I thank them because my plants are growing big and beautiful!
The proof in pictures!
Certainly the most beautiful pitcher of my greenhouse right now!
N. ventricosa x spectabilis
So here is a plant which I have no identification, it was generously given to me by a friend few years ago, was like nothing when it formed young pitchers, but it begins to thrive.
It grows with all my other Neps, given the fairly elongated appearance and a fairly developed peristome, I would say N. mirabilis x veitchii.
Any ideas?
That one continues to grow in its own way, I call N. (lowii x veitchii) x campanulata !
I look forward it prepares me a flower stalk to determine its sex ...
And this is the last that really suffered from the last repotting in february but shows me its first new pitcher of the year. (a bit distorted but still pretty)
N. singalana x diatas from Cedric's carnivores.
Good otherwise, that, studies come back after a gap year, it's hard, but it's so interesting!
I'll have to make a big folder with 50 sheets of very detailed plants (name, genus, family, species, varieties, climate and so  ...) you will doubt that I chose Nepenthes!
With my small collection, I think I can make a little herbarium to present at my examination next year, we'll see :)
See you soon !
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Hello everyone,

Here is the first pitcher of a recent acquisition from Australia: Plant Exotica, many others are now also form their first pitchers ..
I present N. ventricosa x TM !
I can't wait to see later what this plant holds for me! :P
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Good evening everyone,


Go for a new serie of my plants, I do not get enough!


N. hamata x platychila



N. ((lowii x veitchii) boschiana) x ((x veitchii maxima) veitchii)



N. maxima



N. x 'Miranda'



N. naga



They all appreciate the Norman climate, I believe that a small eco system is installed in the greenhouse, I do not practically take care, but do not seem to blame me .. :P



Cheers !



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